Life has its own mean. But I wonder if all of us have asked ourselves what the meaning of life is and if this life has been mapped out for us from the beginning. 
Did you know the numbers around you can affect a large portion of your life? Have you ever realized that numbers represent who you are, what you are and why you are here? And by knowing earlier the meaning of all the numbers in you, you will learn what steps to take and plan for a better future. But, how do you know what numbers you have and the significance of those numbers? This science of numbers is called Numerology.
Numerology is about energy of which the energies are coded into numbers and they are being represented by letters denoting the frequency of sound of the letters. It is the science of learning to envision numbers and read their mystical content and definition. It can help you in many ways. It is a reflection of your talents, characteristics and motivations in your life. You can use Numerology for a better understanding of your weaknesses and at the same time brings out the most of your inner strengths. Numerology is a science to determine the nature’s influence in our body and mind.
Numerology has been widely used tens of thousands of years ago. People tried to acknowledge the secrets of wealth and prosperity, the success and abundance of every individual, and all hidden in our inner-self. It’s been used in the past by men and women to manifest their relationships, their loves and their marriages accurately.
Numerology has a long history; it is as long as the history of our human race. The rapid breakthrough of mathematics in ancient Greece’s philosophers had generated a massive enthusiasm in numbers. They were studying the numbers for a particular meaning and had identified something special on those numbers.
In addition to the Greece’s philosophers, the knowledge and intuition of the planets and orbits have been contemplated by a few Hindu spiritualists of the ancient times. They have learnt how the planets and their orbits have influenced the human beings directly, and how we can use their knowledge to our healthier and happier life. They invented the science of Numerology, Astrology and Palmistry, and have been spread widely to a lot of countries since then.
Pandit Sethuraman, one of the early Numerology practitioners from India was the man behind the 108 numbers’ reading in the world. He gave these 108 numbers’ reading to his devoted friends and colleagues when most of the teachers only taught until number 52 or less. His name was remembered many years later till now.
Analysis of numerology decodes and translates the numerical path of human’s past lives, today and future. It proves that our lives can be lead by karmas of what we did in our past, thus shows what we can achieve in our future and set the higher goal. If you failed to use your awareness or intuition carefully, you will have to deal with any karma that comes to you and your next generations. So, anytime your spirit guide is asking you to seek your inner soul, be eager to follow it.
The mystic influence of 1 to 9 is the basic number that has been studied intensively to discover how the divination of past, the present and the future of human beings are affecting the human’s lives and how they are connected. An in-depth study has also been done for thousands of successes and failures of the human. The numbers 1 to 9 are representing the human beings, which actually are the symbols of the planets of the solar system. There are also good numbers and bad numbers, which if they are implemented in our lives could lead to success or failure.
In order to find the number in every one of us, we need to do the calculation from our name and birth date. The letters on your name are representing the value of the number. Add the values to the myriad of combination with your birth date. The result is your key numbers, which will be analyzed and defined with the thorough explanation of your personal characteristics. Proves have shown the accuracy of this method is simply amazing. You will know more about yourself, thus will enable you to eliminate the obstacle that come into your way.
Human characteristics and numbers in Numerology are naturally and fundamentally joined. There’s nothing irrational or contrary between them. All numbers in have their own definition and it’s easily related to our belief of the rhythm of life.
Numerology for love has been practiced to increase the understanding and compatibility between you and your partner. One number should always be well matched with other number. You can use this attraction to your relationship’s benefit.
Prepare for the future by explore your character traits with Numerology. If you find in your number that you have an egoism or arrogance traits, you may want to think over before do something that will show your bad behavior.
Our lives create monthly and yearly patterns. Numerology can help us plan a better future by following the cycles of growth from those patterns. 

So, have you figured out what the numbers you have and say about you?