The famous thinker, Plato once said, ‘Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge, it is knowledge itself’. Indeed, the magic of numbers cannot be ignored since people have been using numbers in every field since the initial civilization took place. Numerology is based on the scientific premises of calculation of birth numbers (according to the date of birth of a person), calculation of Destiny Number ( in accordance to the life number) and calculation of Name Number (in accordance to the name of a person). The ‘Pythagoras’ study believes that the character of each number is linked with cosmic influence of the universe and the nine numbers are used to interpret the energies available at a particular time. Each number is unique on its own. It has its own size, mystical value, vibration and can be symbolized with the personality of an individual.
Through numerology, the combined energies that reveals the personality, character and experience of an individual and the influence it has on the person are analyzed to identify the gemstones required. The Name Number describes the aspects that an individual was born knowing while the Birth number based on the date of birth describes things one need to learn. A person can know a great deal about one’s own personality or lifestyle with the help of numerology and can make considerable changes in his/her personality to make things going in favor for one’s self.
There is a vital relationship between numerology and gemstones. The most suitable gemstones are recommended to people according to their numbers to rectify their negative aspects in order to attain health, wealth and prosperity. The sum of the numbers present in an individual’s name and birth date signifies a pivotal relation in defining who the person individually is. Numerology is used to analyze an individual and later rectifications could be done with the help of numerology to choose the right gemstones and name/signature alterations.
Experts in this field swear by the power of using correct and original gemstones. Gemstones have immense powers in them, which if used without proper consultation can ruin an individual’s life. One has to be extremely cautious while choosing the correct gemstones from the abundant choices. Apart from that it is also important that the quality of the gemstone should be good. The purer, the better. 
When we wear different gemstones, display them in our houses, or use them in any ritual suitable for us according to our numbers, we are able to access the divine healing powers of these gemstones in order to rectify our errors. There are a great variety of gemstones available.
There are 9 numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9) or 9 main classification heads in which all the individuals are classified according to their numbers. Below mentioned are those divine powerful nine numbers and the gemstones that are most suitable for the natives of the particular numbers so that the healing powers of various gemstones can assimilate with the power of the numbers.

The Number 1
As per the science of numerology, Ruby is the most prized gemstone that a native of number 1 can wear to bring in abundance of success in one’s life. This gemstone represents love, passion, courage and emotion. Also, a person with this destiny number can ideally wear a yellow sapphire or a topaz in order to improve one’s health and bring in good fortune. The adults should prefer ruby or yellow sapphire as it will bring in good luck in one’s individual as well as family life. Sapphire has the power of protection and healing and thus it symbolizes protecting the wearer.

The Number 2:
The native of this number are quite peaceful as individuals and avoid confrontations which might sometime lead to him/her being dominated by the others. To avoid being that submissive, one should wear Pearl which is the most favorable gemstone for this number. The second one could be Cat’s Eye. These two are most suitable for enhancing luck. One can also wear Jade in case he/she is suffering from stomach disorders. The elders must wear tiger eye in their left hand to reap maximum benefits.

The Number 3:
The natives of this number are quite creative and wild spirited. They need gemstones like Amethyst which is known for its anti drunkenness properties. It greatly sobers one up in decision making and solves the problem of making a decision in haste. It helps a person in avoiding intoxication to a greater extent. The violet hue of this gemstone brings in peace of mind to the individual and helps one in avoiding accidents. This stone is generally studded in a ring made of gold. A person with this Destiny number can also wear yellow sapphire as a second option.

The Number 4:
The native of number should most preferably wear Light Blue Sapphire in order to loose the anxiety and irritable issues they suffer from. Since they like to socialize quite a bit, they should wear this gemstone in order to maintain cordial public relations. The next preference should be of Hessonite of the same hue as cow’s urine. One can also wear opal and aquamarine as they also will bring in good effects in one’s life. One should take expert help in choosing the perfect gem to rectify individual problems.

The Number 5:
According to the science of numerology the native of number 5 should wear Diamonds as their preferred gemstone. The diamond should be quite pure in its occurrence and must shine with the glow of the flames. One can also prefer to wear Zircon if budget expense is an issue. One must put in a lot of efforts in choosing the perfect gemstone. People with this number are quite impulsive by nature and hence these gemstones might be able to sober them down so that they can take their decisions appropriately.

The Number 6:
The most preferable gemstone for the natives of this number is Emerald as their lucky gem. They can choose between circular or elliptical structure. This stone brings in a lot of mental strength, self confidence and happiness. One should be quite cautious in choosing the gemstone which is flawless and shining with luster.

The Number 7:
According to numerology, Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is the most preferred gemstone for the native of this number. People with this number are workaholics and thereby their love life suffers a lot. This gemstone helps in creating a balance in their lives. This gemstone reaps maximum benefits for the wearer. It helps one in succeeding in professional life. One should make sure to buy a flawless piece with sheer brilliance.

The Number 8:
As per numerology, Blue Sapphire is considered to be the lucky gem for those ruled by number 8. They have as many as 9 different types of Blue Sapphire. Among the 9 types, the most powerful is considered to be the Star Sapphire. It has 6 radiant white lines’ streaks with 6 facets.
It is believed, a good quality Star sapphire boosts luck. Known by the name of Indra Neel, it is highly beneficial and powerful.

The Number 9:
As per numerology, Coral is considered good for those who are ruled by the number 9. It arises out of the coral rocks that are available in the deep seas, created by the insects that make coral. It is believed to help a person suffering from blood related diseases. Also, it bestows luck.
Coral has the power to offer diplomacy to its wearer to choose peace in order to avert a useless war, and to offer strength to fight, when it is required the most. It helps its wearer conquer from its enemies. Also it is believed to bestow health.

“Let the Numbers Guide you in choosing the best gemstone which you should wear in order to attain a satisfying happy life”.