Numerlogy & Gemstones

We are a wholesale and retail supplier of precious and semi precious gemstones and jewelries. We also provide gems and numerology consulting.
Numerology is about sound of which the sounds are coded into letters and they are being represented by numbers denoting the sound of the letters. It is the science of learning to envision numbers and read their mystical content and definition.
The powerful gemstones are recommended to people according to their numbers to rectify their negative aspects in order to attain health, wealth and prosperity. The sum of the numbers present in an individual’s name and birth date signifies a pivotal relation in defining who the person individually is. Numerology is used to analyze an individual and later rectifications could be done with the help of numerology to choose the right gemstones and name/signature alterations
  • Numerology Consulting 90% 90%
  • Gemstones 80% 80%